Welcome to the site of Frontline Militaria, from the start of the company in 2000 until 2009 our main focus was to provide customers with good quality World War II reproduction military clothing and equipment.
Due to the nature of this work, and our buisiness getting more and more involved with the WWII re-enactment scene, we came in contact with several WWII gun owners that had guns with missing or incorrect parts.

Due to this demand and the knowledge of gunsmithing we are able to provide you with good quality gun parts for reasonable prices.

All of the parts are tested and made of the same or better quality material.
Currently we are able to supply you with G43 parts, K43 parts, and new parts for other guns like the : K98, G33/40, MP40, MP44, and G41 are going to be reproduced in the near future.
We can ship all over the world except for Burundi, Somalia, Afghanistan  Iraq and The Netherlands. Also, for some parts you might need a license depending on where you are ordering from.


From 20-12-2014 till 05-01-2015 we are closed, we take orders and shippout on the 6th.


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New parts available 2015

  • Locking Lugs

We are on vacation from 03 Aug. - 17 Aug. we take orders but not able to ship out before 17 Aug.



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